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What are some of the yard cleanup services?

We remove leaves, acorns, fallen branches, weeds, dead shrubs, bushes and trees. We mow, Edge, Fertilize, Spread Mulch, Fix Existing Structures, Thin Bushes and Shrubs. Apply Products to Regrow the Lawn, Protect Plants From Cold Weather

Can you help me with plumbing needs?

Yes! We are licensed and insured and can help with many plumbing issues. Just give us a call or email to find out if we can help you.

Do you serve commercial or residential customers?

We serve BOTH commercial and residential customers in the Lubbock, Texas and surrounding areas.

Would you recommend repairing or replacing a fence?

Each case is unique and depends on the condition of the fence, your preferences and budget. We can repair existing fences or build a completely new fence.

I have a dead tree that needs to be removed. Can you do it?

We are experts at trimming and removing trees, along with the stump. If you have a dead tree, call us as quickly as possible as dead trees can fall at any time and cause more damage to surrounding structures or plants.

Lubbock, Texas